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Leo and Iory’s Fenway Victory Garden

Revisiting Spring in the Fenway, 2012

Spring Fenway Garden 05-02-08 042

Yesterday Leo brought home tulips from our garden.
Today the flowers are dancing in their vase,
remembering the songs of birds
and the warmth of the morning sun.

Spring Fenway Boston 007

The yellow fringe of the witch hazel bush
smiles brightly in the chilly afternoon sun of early March.

Spring Fenway  garden  04-08-08 002

In a crevasse of the rock garden stuffed with last year’s curling oak leaves, blue bells ring announcing the triumph of spring!

Spring Fenway  garden  04-08-08 005

Mr. Robin, classic harbinger of the coming season beat the rush by never leaving the neighborhood. His yellow beak like a swelling daffodil bud will burst into song—claiming the garden as his own.

Spring Fenway  garden  05 02 08 004

The Black twisted branches of a maple tree
burst into life with Chartreuse blossoms
mocking the rows of soldier  bricks
held in the  tight grasp of immutable  mortar.

Boston Spring 2008 011

What does the maple tree know of Boston restraint? She bursts into bloom but the busy city- people rushes on by. Tomorrow seed wings will fly from branches high above the street where car horns blare with impatiens at slow-pokes at a traffic light.

Fenway Spring April 26 2008 126

Mr. Cardinal perches on our garden fence
puzzling over the noisy traffic and  wondering if humans ever sing.

Fenway Spring April 26 2008 127

The forsythia hedge squeezes together tightly, laughing at the tickle.

Fenway Spring April 26 2008 131

Looming above the blossoming crabapple in our garden, the tower of Babble presumes to insure against misfortune.
Soon the spring flower pedals will fall, dancing gaily, letting go with joy.
A week in the sun was time’s glory, setting seeds to grow.

Fenway Spring April 26 2008 233

The magnolia wares chilly rain drops on her pink cheeks—jewels of spring turning pink blossoms into green leaves.  Can you hear the robin’s song? It is short and oh, so sweet!

our garden am Comm Ave pm 004

The red tailed hawk and the pigeon on shelters perch—each looking out for his interest. Do they know how close they are?

our garden am Comm Ave pm 040

Having spent the winter sleeping deeply in the silent earth, the gossiping daffodils are eager to speak.

our garden am Comm Ave pm 073

The forsythia bush beneath the goose berry tree can not speak to the blue sky in July so she must shout loudly when she can. Don’t you find her urgent cry beautiful?

our garden am Comm Ave pm 078

The families of Johnny Jump Ups are our true friends, always eager to say hello—staying till the end of the party.