Washington D C

The Two Happy Husbands Visit Washington, D C 

unnamed-1Photo by Anita Klaussen – Collins

The two Happy Husbands, Messrs. Leo and Iory dashed off to Washington D C May 29th for Leo’s 60th reunion, graduating from Georgetown University OMG! Yes folks, my Precious Jewel labored long in 1956, earning a degree from the business school in international trade with Magna Cum Laude honors. As you may know the little devil is as smart as a whip and as cute as button – never mind the mixed metaphors lemme just tell ya he’s a peach and I Luv’m! Any how, Leo found us great accommodations at the Virginia Suites in Rosslyn Virginia just across the Potomac River from the University. There, we luxuriated in vast open spaces including a bedroom with two giant beds, a bathroom that could easily accommodate the hygienic needs of a good sized elephant, a great room incorporating living, dining, study areas and a kitchen that would make Jacque Pépin ache with envy (picture granite and stainless steel galore). Our hotel was right around the corner from the apartment house that Leo lived in when he was an undergraduate which still looks snazzy. However, his old neighborhood has taken off like a rocket so that his old digs are now surrounded by a huddle of glass and steel towers. But as we made our way through this new city scape to the Metro station we could see the tower of Healy Hall, the historic center of Georgetown campus, standing tall over the university so on our first couple of days we walked over the Key Bridge and enjoyed great views of the broad Potomac River with all manner of folks dashing around in speed boats, board paddling, rowing sculls and skiffs etc.


The Supreme Court is a blinding magnificence of white marble animated by the bubble of pure water splashing in a round fountain.

washington-dc-2016-31A verdant trysting place of Trompe-l’oeil trellis work surrounds a fountain fashioned from mother of pearl water, a conceit only to be found at the sumptuous Dumbarton Oaks Gardens!

washington-dc-2016-6A handsome marble urn punctuates a quiet terrace in Dumbarton Oaks Garden

washington-dc-2016-7The sculpture galleries on the ground floor of the National Gallery are astounding. Here in the middle back ground placed in a niche is Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s gleaming white marble sculpture of the sea nymph Thetis, Goddess of water. In arresting visual contrast we see a purple Porphyry urn with Baroque auricular style masks (meaning ear like) lion paw feet and graceful scrolled handles. These important collections are spaciously arranged in handsome galleries with appropriately grand interior architecture.

washington-dc-2016-52Try as I might, I cannot find the title or sculptor for this life size bronze but it depicts Victory carrying away from the battle field a fallen solder (represented by the broken sword)

FLASH! Just in from Fred Atherton, architect and source of constant knowledge!! The above sculpture is entitled, “Gloria Victic” Glory to the Vanquished, by Antonin Mercie. Thank you Mr. Fred. (5:30 October 4th, 2016 )

washington-dc-2016-8We went to visit The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception which as you can see is a spectacular church and we were lucky enough to see it on a brilliantly sunny day.

washington-dc-2016-9Inside the asp of the Basilica behind the high alter is this enormous and rather stern mosaic of Christ in Glory

washington-dc-2016-10We went to see Mount St. Sepulchre Franciscan Monastery not from any religious motivation but rather because the monastery is surrounded by a cloistered rose garden and many acres of wooded landscape. It also turned out to have an impressive neo-Byzantine style church and handsome colonnaded cloister.

washington-dc-2016-11A view of the rose garden with a verity of gracefully decorated pillars

washington-dc-2016-59I am standing in the Choir of Washington Cathedral looking towards the west front of the nave. The Gothic tracery of the rood screen frames the enormous rose window and two lines of flags from all over the world.

washington-dc-2016-62An atmospheric corner of the Chapel of St. Mary at The National Cathedral, Washington, D C
The contrast of the gilded high-gothic reredos juxtaposed to the soft textures of the antique tapestry makes for a timeless picture.

washington-dc-2016-3The water garden of The Pan American Union is an oasis of quiet in bustling D C

washington-dc-2016-4A regal bronze eagle decorating a lamp post at the base of the white marble staircase leading to the water garden of the Pan American Union, Washington, D C

washington-dc-2016-1My photo carefully veils the restoration scaffolding grasping the lower dome of the Capital building. Note the proud pinnacle of the Washington Monument in the far left distance

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